Stéri-strip 3M renforcé

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Reinforced microporous adhesive skin suture.

The 3M Steri-Strip cutaneous suture is an adhesive tape designed for the non-invasive closure of acute traumatic or surgical wounds in first intention, early replacement of wires or staples, or in combination with them.
3M Steri-Strip can be laid under plaster or resin.

The 3M Steri-Strip suture allows a simple approach technique to bring the wound edges closer together with perfect congruence and high safety linked to the longitudinal reinforcement of polyester threads and to the specific adhesiveness.
This is a non-invasive technique; It is therefore painless and limits the risk of local infection; It gives an aesthetic scar without marks of points and without scale.
3M Steri-Strip provides a more resistant scar faster than wire suture, offers the best conditions for local healing due to its high vapor and water permeability, as well as a very good skin tolerance, With high tensile strength.
It is not indicated on a wound in the traction zone where the suture will offer better resistance to tension.
Steri-Strip does not leave residues at shrinkage.

Composition: (Absence of latex in the product and in the packaging)
Support: Non-woven rayon fibers reinforced with polyester threads.
Adhesive: Hypoallergenic acrylate copolymer.
Liner: Medical silicone paper.

Physical characteristics :
- Thickness: 100 µ
- Pores: 50 µ
- Minimum breaking load: 3 900 g / cm
- Elongation (at break): 7%
- Permeability to air: 22.8 sec./100 cc of air
Length mm
Width mm
Gross weight kg
Net weight kg

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